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Search Engine Optimization, invest into a long term solution and decrease paid advertising costs.
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Present informative and SEO optimized content to your customers

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Build trusted and high-rank backlink portfolio

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All our wizards for centuries has been learning hidden SEO secrets, and now we are ready
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Never Guess if your campaign generating net positive return.


Never Guess if your campaign generating net positive return.


Absolutely no hidden rocks: track, control and analyze all your metrics & results.

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We build custom automated strategies which allow us to cut human factor errors as well as deploy our projects much faster.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is literally an optimization of your website to have a better organic ranking in the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex. We take into consideration all technical and content factors and tune them to perfection by following all search engine guidelines in addition to our own SEO technique.

SEO Advantages & Benefits

The main advantage of SEO is the difference between the ROI and costs associated with search optimization. Vital component of SEO is content. We optimize it to bring you the maximum amount of Organic traffic the search engine could provide for target keywords.

The main SEO benefits are pretty straight forward here:

  • Increases Organic Traffic.
  • Builds Brand Credibility.
  • Increases the visibility in World Wide Web.
  • Results to Higher Conversion Rate
  • Better Cost Management

Besides, great SEO also means that the website is Fast, Responsive and Meeting all Web standards. As a result User Experience with your company will be higher as well.

How does SEO works?

To begin, let's bust a Popular Myth about the time needed for SEO to take effects: "The SEO will bring you results only after 6 months."

This definitely could make your decision against optimizing SEO and placing it in a far drawer. However, there is no documented study or any backup to support that LOUD statement.

The Truth is that the coorectly done SEO start bringing you results as soon as you launch the first content, it is specifically easy noticeable when the brand never did SEO in past. At the same time, we can say that the Full Power of SEO is unveiling on a 2nd to 4th month of search engine optimization campaigns.

You may ask: "Why then everyone is claiming that SEO brings results only after 6 months or even a year?" The answer again is very simple: - Due to low maintenance monthly costs, most of the marketers try to prolong the creation of the content. Another reason could be, that amount of produced content is limited to the size of the team. Finally, the reason could be a low-quality initial optimization, when the content is produced fast and then an agency is working on it for 6 months (Keyword optimization, Title, Descriptions, Tags etc.)

However, to become a Myth every statement has to have a little bit of truth. In our case, SEO could start bringing results after 4 to 6 months in the case when the brand has the following issues:

  • Bad SEO done in Past.
  • Very narrow Niche.
  • Black Hat SEO Done.
  • Search Engine Penalties.
  • Keyword Stuffing.
  • Too many low-quality links.

You won't need to worry about those when ordering Search Engine Optimization from Market Wiz, as we check your company on all possible issues before we begin the SEO project.

At MarketWiz we produce up to a few thousands of articles per month, thanks to our large team of content wizards. While creating content we do optimize the content and all technical aspects on maximum right away to bring results faster. The only two things we do continuously are Link Building and Blog Posting, which must be done gradually and naturally.

The creating of the SEO optimized content is taking from one day to a couple of month (more than 500 articles/pages), and as soon as the content is ready and is indexed by a search engine you will start noticing the change in traffic, as your website will be shown by searching with new optimized keywords. In the case you have already been ranked in Google you will see the change of positions in search.

Search Engine Optimization Components

Meta Title

Meta Title is the first thing the Search Engine Robot will look at when browsing the webpage. It also tell the search engine what this particular page is about. As an example the Meta Title for this page is: "Search Engine Optimization | Market Wiz". It also displayed as the page name in the the browser tab.
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Best Search Engine Optimization Practices

Semantic HTML Best Practices for SEO

We can treat HTML code as a language similar to any spoken language we use, it has its own rules and structure. Similar to any essay writing, there is a Header, Body and Footer/Conclusion. As ranking in search engine is solely done by AI we need to feed it with a corectly formated web page in order to have higher rank in search. The web page with semantics error will rank lower compared to the page with a correct code. It is very important to tell in the code where you have an
and where you have
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Client's Feedback

We build custom automated strategies which allow us to cut human factor errors as well as deploy our projects much faster We build custom automated strategies which allow us to cut human factor errors as well .

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